3 ways to start enjoying your process of finding your art style

3 ways to start enjoying your process of finding your art style

You just ripped a page out of your sketchbook that you aren't supposed to rip pages from. 

You remind yourself how much you suck at finding a good art style.  Next thing you know, you’re looking through your favorite artists’ Instagram feed, praising and envying them at the same time. 

You can’t stop looking at how freakin’ cool their style is. 


You start wondering if you should blame your art supplies. And you wonder why nobody told you how painfully slow it would be to get comfy in your art style.

Why is finding your art style so hard?!
This journey to finding your art style is just...ugh.


SO, How do you get to that comfy spot in your style?

Welp, first you have to figure out what makes you uncomfortable with your style. The thing about finding your art style is that you have to know what’s working for you and what’s not.

Hate the way you draw hands? That’s your queue to start focusing your attention on different hand styles and practicing a few for yourself.


Here’s why you feel like you’re not there yet.


Comparing your art style to another artist is like comparing your life story versus there’s. You're experiencing life differently than said artist so of course, you’re going to draw differently.

But that’s not all that comparing does to you. It puts you in this lack mindset and you start thinking if I can just start drawing hands better then I’ll be happy.
But here’s what it also sounds like you're saying:
You WON’T be happy UNTIL you draw hands better. All of a sudden, you're thinking more how to about draw hands than actually drawing hands. 

I mean. Who-in-the-hell wants to draw hands when you’re unhappy about, well, drawing hands. You’ll just end up with angrily drawn hands. 

Okay, but how do I get there?

Basically, it’s not about getting there. It’s about focusing on where you are right now. 


SERIOUSLY! Developing your art style is something that evolves with you as you grow. And like any budding plant out there, you have to nurture and take care of it so that it becomes a beautiful orchid. That can draw.
Sidenote-it doesn’t have to be an orchid, you can be any plant you want to be, ahem.

Enjoy the process that you’re going through and be aware of the areas that you want to improve on. Instead of saying “I want to draw better” get more specific and focus on what you want to improve on.

When we set unclear goals we end up being disappointed with ourselves because we can't measure our progress. SO, here are 3 ways to start enjoying your process of finding your art style.


01 | make SPACE for yourself to grow

So you’re probably no stranger to feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day for everything that you want to get done. But remember my friend, you have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce. 

With that said, set the intention of your day to sketch, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. Write it down your intentions to feel committed.

When you make space in your mind for something, you make space in your day for it as well. 

Oh yeah, and let yourself experiment too! Explore different styles and materials and see what you end up. And remember, no pressure.


02 | leave your house & explore

You know that feeling when you watch a new movie and something about that one scene hits you. You get this burst of inspiration and new ideas and you just want to make something from that scene right now. 

That energy is often the push you need to get back into the flow of things. Attend an event, go to a concert or see a movie. And if you have the time, travel! Find something new to spark up that mind of yours. 


03 | Get to Your Happy Place

Set the mood for your drawing time and surround yourself with every-and-anything, that makes you feel good! My go to mood for drawing is running my diffuser with my favorite essential oils, playing music, and a good dose of natural light.

Maybe it's the introvert in me but these items really help me create without feeling like I'm forcing myself to. 

There will be days when you need to trigger your creative light switch, so find out what your items are that get you to your happy place.

So there are my 3 ways to start enjoying your art style journey. 
And yes, it will still be painfully slow but now you can start becoming aware of your style and actually feel good about it!

Trenita Finney is a Pittsburgh-based creative entrepreneur, artist and the Founder of Trenita Made it! She is most recognized for her vibrant watercolor works of women of color and photo-realistic portraits of inspirational musicians. As the creator of Trenita Made it! she promotes wellness + career development for artists + women of color through her youtube, podcast, Instagram, Pinterest and lifestyle illustrations + products.

Trenita has launched The Syllestial Collection VOL.1, an illustration book showcasing a collection of three years worth of illustrations during college. Trenita and her artwork have been featured in Raw Artist Pittsburgh, Redfish Bowl Art Festival, The Pittsburgh Comicon, Steel City Comicon and Layer Cake Festival. Follow on Instagram for the latest art creations.