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New Prints: Inktober, Afropunk Greek Mythology & DAMN.

Afropunk Medusa

$15.00 USD

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 4.01.36 PM.png

The idea came long when my boyfriend (Tai) and I were having an early morning deep conversation about finding a collection or series to reinvent. I’ve attempted to do zodiacs but we were trying to think of something we haven’t seen before.

It hit Tai first: Greek Mythology. I’m actually a big fan of Greek mythology and the relationships between all of the characters. Not to mention I consider Clash of the Titans (the old version) to be a childhood classic that my dad and I watched together. 

I wanted my Medusa to have features and piercings that reminded me of Afropunk but still have those classic elements of the original Medusa. I’m a sucker for puns so she even has the Medusa piercing. My favorite part was inking her dreadlocks! I love that the snakes and her natural hair become one in her style. 

I really wanted her skin tone to have underlining hues of gold, olive green, and coppers. Snakes have this shimmery look to their scales and melanin already has this deeper than water appearance. We’re never one shade of color. 

Afropunk Athena

$15.00 USD

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 4.00.44 PM.png

After Afropunk Medusa, I was super excited to do Athena. I’ve always like Athena but didn’t know the full history of her relationship to Medusa. Athena was the cause of Medusa’s transformation after Poseidon couldn’t keep it in his pants. (The shame!).

I wanted my Athena to be Afro-Puerto Rican because I’ve always thought it was important to show black people from different backgrounds, settings, and lifestyles. Myself personally I have roots in Nicaragua, Africa and who knows where else. We’re more than one thing. 

Vibez Girl

$15.00 USD

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 4.01.44 PM.png

At the time, I was doing my Inktober challenge and I remember being super inspired by Zoe Kravitz. I do that sometimes, I’ll get caught up in one person and just spend all day learning about them. I think Tai & I were talking about his Irish roots and it just gave me another reason to play with freckles in my character.

I’d like to imagine that she’s super chill and probably reads Black Girl in Om, a self-love blog. I feel like she would wear chucks and listen to Sade with the incense burning.

Be Humble

$15.00 USD

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 4.02.00 PM.png

So let me tell you, when the album dropped you really couldn’t tell me nothing. I was dissecting every lyric, interlude, beat sample. Kendrick Lamar is one of my favorite artists of today music.

I had an art festival to go to at the end of the week and planned to channel all of my inspiration into my live painting. But I wanted to give myself a test run and did this mini watercolor sketch. 

Afropunk Fest

$15.00 USD

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 4.01.52 PM.png

Another sketch from Inktober 2017, I redesigned a photo from the festival. 

One of these days I really need to go to Afropunk. I feel like it would be such an inspiration. For now, I’ll just admire all of the energy from afar via my sketches and paintings. 

Trenita Finney is a Pittsburgh-based creative entrepreneur, artist and the Founder of Trenita Made it! She is most recognized for her vibrant watercolor works of women of color and photo-realistic portraits of inspirational musicians. As the creator of Trenita Made it! she promotes wellness + career development for artists + women of color through her youtube, podcast, Instagram, Pinterest and lifestyle illustrations + products.

Trenita has launched The Syllestial Collection VOL.1, an illustration book showcasing a collection of three years worth of illustrations during college. Trenita and her artwork have been featured in Raw Artist Pittsburgh, Redfish Bowl Art Festival, The Pittsburgh Comicon, Steel City Comicon and Layer Cake Festival. Follow on Instagram for the latest art creations.