How to Print Printable Art at Home and Beyond

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I was so excited to make a few printable wall art pieces for you art hustlers! Then I realized that what may seem easy to me may not be for others. I can't just give you things and expect you to know how to print it!

So with that, I bring you my guide of printing printables from me so that you get the best quality possible!

Printing at Home


Q: Does it matter if my printer is an Inkjet or Laser Printer? Which is the best?

I recommend using what you have and you should be fine! I have an inkjet printer right now which is nice for printing my art prints here and there but it uses a lot of ink.

Once I start printing large bulks of prints I’ll need to switch to a Laser printer so that I won’t waste ink. Here’s a quick rundown of the two printers in case you were wondering:


  • Better for Graphics / Not the best for photos
  • Faster & Can do Bulk / Can’t do a variety of paper types
  • Expensive Toner / Change ink less often


  • Better for Photos & Art / Graphics aren't as Crispy
  • Cheaper Ink / Change more often
  • Slower / Can do a variety of paper types.


Q: What kind of paper should I use?

Plain old printer paper will do just fine with my printables! I created them to be a no hassle kind of decor so that you can stay inspired in your space. But if you really love it and want it to last a while I recommend these paper types:

  • Photo Paper (Matte)
  • Archival Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Premium Paper (Heavyweight) 

Speaking of paper types, your printer should have an option to change the kind of paper it’s printing on. You can save yourself future paper jams just by updating the paper type.


Q: What if I want to make my print smaller or bigger than the size you made?

My printables are all 8.5 x 11 inch (letter sized) prints but you can use the printer's options to increase or decrease the size by percentage.

I do not recommend upscaling your prints because this will create a blurry and fuzzy look. If you do need a much larger size for your printable please email me directly and I’ll give you a larger one.

8.5 x 11 to 5 x 7: 64%

8.5 x 11 to 4 x 6: 55%


Q: Are there any other special options I should choose on my printer?

Yes, I'll need you to hit the "actual size" checkbox before you press print.

Sometimes the printer tries to help you by shrinking the size of a PDF document if it feels that the document is too big. By checking this box, the printer will leave the sizing as it so that it prints the way it was designed to.


Q: Why don't the colors from my printer match the colors on my screen?

So the thing about printers and monitors are that they display colors differently. The colors you see on your screen may seem dull or not as vibrant when printed.

My printables are adjusted to the printer’s color format CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) so that they print as close to your screen as possible.

Printing with a Vendor

Brand Name

You can also just get your art printed at a vendor like Fedex by adding your prints to a USB flash-drive. Many of them have self-service printers now, or you can ask the representative there to print it for you. 

They’re ready to handle your printing requests and can talk with you about different paper types and larger sizes. Again if you would like to upscale your prints you can but I wouldn’t go any more than double its original size. 



You can also check out local print shops in your town which would be so awesome if you supported them! Yay support!

If you’re local to Pittsburgh PA I highly recommend two of my favorite print shops right here:

I’ve printed with them both companies for art prints I love their quality and the vibrant colors. And don't even get me started on the paper, it was nice and heavy, really durable.

They're both very affordable as well! 

Printing Online

You can also upload your prints for online printing too! There are so many online vendors out here in the interwebs that you can try but I'll let you know my personal favorites.

Vistaprint is always having sales on their products plus you can receive a discount for signing up with them. MOO is slightly more expensive than Vistaprint but their quality is amazing! For sizing just choose "Letter" or 8.5 x 11 inches.

I hope this helps you get the highest quality art prints from me! And as always if you run into an issue or have more questions just contact me here and I'll help you out! Have a awesome day!

Peace Out.

Trenita Finney is a Pittsburgh-based creative entrepreneur, artist and the Founder of Trenita Made it! She is most recognized for her vibrant watercolor works of women of color and photo-realistic portraits of inspirational musicians. As the creator of Trenita Made it! she promotes wellness + career development for artists + women of color through her youtube, podcast, Instagram, Pinterest and lifestyle illustrations + products.

Trenita has launched The Syllestial Collection VOL.1, an illustration book showcasing a collection of three years worth of illustrations during college. Trenita and her artwork have been featured in Raw Artist Pittsburgh, Redfish Bowl Art Festival, The Pittsburgh Comicon, Steel City Comicon and Layer Cake Festival. Follow on Instagram for the latest art creations.