Trenita Finney, the Pittsburgh-based artist, creates vibrant watercolor illustrations of magical women of color adorned with jewels, flowers and curls for days.

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to celebrate the magic of being yourself thru art

I’m Trenita, a Pittsburgh artist and I have a thing for making watercolor paintings & drawings of women of color, music icons and people that inspire me. When I’m not at home painting you can find me going to brunch, trying out new hairstyles, exploring cooking recipes and going to art festivals! You can check out my portfolio here >>

Things I'm currently interested in making more of...

poetry book illustrations. watercolor paintings. ink drawings. portraits.

For business inquiries & book illustrations please contact me directly at . I'll send an email back within 24 - 72 hrs. Thank you so much!

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How did it all start for you, Trenita?


I think I have always thought of myself as an artist in one way or another. I just knew that I loved to create and to make stories.


I started developing portraiture drawings of people and loved the depth and emotion that I was starting to capture. In 2009, I started to shift into making original artwork of people instead of my pencil portraits.

I was heavy into anime, music and hair during those times and it showed through my works. The illustrations of Hayao Miyazaki and Tetsuya Nomura are heavy influences on my artwork. 


When I discovered artists made their passion into a full-time income it made me pursue the idea harder. The biggest thing that I had to overcome as an artist was the fear of other people’s opinions.

It wasn’t until I started getting comfortable in my own skin that my artwork started to flourish. I stood by my work and gushed about what it means to me without letting the judgements of others stop me.


I think the biggest lesson I learned from art is that the process of how you get to something is just as important as the finished piece. So appreciate the journey in every stage that you’re in. 


My art style has a lot to do with colors and exploring metaphors about life, beauty and just having fun. I like to paint what I think is missing or overlooked.  I love to personify things from nature from flowers to mythology! I add so many details and small nuances to my paintings simply because I love the little things. It’s part of the process to getting that finished piece.

But hey, I want to learn more about you too!